MCG loose base

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Re: MCG loose base

Postby rwalker » Sun Jan 07, 2018 4:56

That's a huge huge shame. For the future, and for the other guys who read this topic:
Never - NEVER!!! - accept even slightly damaged packages.
Any indent on the box, leaving alone holes, is an absolute reason to refuse the parcel.
The damaged box should be photographed, and the claim should be filed at the local DHL hub.

yeah, joystick is not impacted by the damage, just a couple periphery things as I mentioned. The base plate is wobbly but I just put a spacer on one side and it is fine now, so I wasn't planning on trying to do any sort of return. However, DHL (well I assume it was them) obviously tried to cover up the damage as there was brown shipping tape over the holes (and no holes in the tape) on the outer box, I didn't really see the holes until I exposed the joystick box. I don't have the outer DHL box anymore.

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Re: MCG loose base

Postby WWCraven » Thu Jan 18, 2018 23:00

Not funny, but I watched the DHL guy come to deliver my GF MKII trip coming up my stairs AND using the package as first point of contact on the landing. Fortunately no damage, small mushed area on one corner of the package.

My MCG Pro handle for the Gunfighter MKII had the same issue. I took it apart today after finding a freaking screwdriver to fit, followed the instructions above, and tightened the 2 screws which has done the trick, no wobble at all. I also found that the screws were very loose.

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