Informations about firmware and utilities version to use

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Informations about firmware and utilities version to use

Postby KPX » Wed Dec 27, 2017 19:43


I am searching information on what firmware versions and tools I can use with my joystick.

I get confused with the different versions available. I own a Gladiator Pro (mk1) and hope to get a Gunfighter ( If they reach European Market some day :mrgreen: ).

So for my Gladiator Pro :

Gladiator Pro : firmware 1.82.0
VKBDeviceConfig : 0.83.85 NJOY2 Firmware 1.91
Wizzo : 0.92 firmware 1.82.0

Latest firmware found : 1.86

So which firmware can I use for my Gladiator Pro ?

So I would like to know per device which firmware/tools I can/have to use. A kind of datasheet whith all the information - device -firmware version - tools versions - would be interesting to keep
firmware/tools up to date.

Happy New Year - 2019

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