Gladiator Pro and T-Rudder Output Signal

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Gladiator Pro and T-Rudder Output Signal

Postby Monroe07 » Tue Dec 12, 2017 2:19

I have noticed that both the Gladiator Pro and the T-Rudder MK. IV use the same sensor board.
MaRS Sensor Board.JPG
MaRS Sensor Board.JPG (30.47 KiB) Viewed 26 times

I know that the MaRS Sensor (KMZ41) has an analog output, but the Sensor is connected to the "BlackBox" through an unmarked 2-row 8-pin Square IC Chip and a 550 ohm resistor. I have 2 questions, an answer (Other than its a "secret" or that it is impossible) to either would be extremely helpful for me to use the pedals in a project of mine.

What is the second, unmarked, square IC that is connected to the signal pin? (side-note: while it converts the analog signal from the MaRS sensor to a digital square wave, it doesn't appear to be an Analog-to-Digital Converter from the looks of its wave form on an oscilloscope or in practice)

What is the protocol that the unmarked chip converts the analog sensor data into?
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